Team Walker partners with America’s Grow-a-Row for healthy eating session

On Thursday, Jan. 24, America’s Grow-a-Row teamed up again with Team Walker to provide a healthy eating lesson to children in the After School Program.

With the help of the staff and some of the older members of the program, the Team Walker children learned the importance of healthy eating and gained the tools to properly assemble a healthy meal.
Assisted with safety knives and the proper tools, volunteers from America’s Grow-A-Row instructed students in Team Walker’s fourth-grade class how to cut up and prepare various fruits and vegetables, such as peppers, celery, cucumbers, corn, scallions and cabbage. These fruits and veggies were then combined together with beans, oil and seasoning, and placed on to a leaf of lettuce, culminating to a delicious meal: veggie lettuce tacos.
During the initial lesson, America’s Grow-A-Row explained the various types of ingredients at hand and the benefits of eating them to Mrs. Ray and her fourth-grade class. Bill Taylor, one of Team Walker’s Board Members, provided a helping hand in delivering the lesson. Many thanks to Bill! Over the next two days, Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Nocetti, and Mr. Fiore replicated this healthy meal prep and eating lesson to the third and fifth-grade students in the After School Program.
Overall, it was a success and we cannot thank America’s Grow-a-Row enough, and we cannot wait for our next healthy eating lesson in March!


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