America’s Grow-a-Row returns with a veggie roots salad at the After School Program

On Tuesday, March 5, America’s Grow-a-Row returned once again to Team Walker’s After School Program to educate the children on healthy eating! We are always extremely thrilled to have America’s Grow-a-Row with us and for the children to receive an educational lesson in eating as well as cooking and preparing food.

The children used safety knives, along with the help of some of America’s Grow-a-Row staff and the Team Walker teachers, to cut up a variety of foods that would eventually be made into a delicious salad using and featuring the roots of various plants. Some of the items that the children used in the dish included limes, cabbage, carrots, peas, and, of course, olive oil. All of the food items were mixed together to make a salad, which all of the students loved.
During the initial lesson, America’s Grow-a-Row explained the various types of ingredients at hand and the benefits of eating them to the fourth-grade students. Mrs. Ray replicated the lesson to the third and fifth-graders the next day.
Overall, it was a success as usual and we cannot thank America’s Grow-a-Row enough once again! We are looking forward to partnering with the America’s Grow-a-Row team again in the upcoming weeks for another healthy eating lesson!

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