Team Walker students celebrate Black History Month

In February, Team Walker and its students in the After School Program celebrated and held performances for Black History Month.

Throughout the 28 days, plenty of different and culturally enhancing activities were planned. For one, the students made bracelets out of African beads. The materials were donated by our Team Walker teacher Mrs. Linda Johnson, and she also helped the students assemble the bracelets. The activity wrapped up a craft lesson and a historical, cultural lesson all into one, and we cannot thank Mrs. Johnson enough for her kindness with this project!


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To go along with this, Team Walker, in collaboration with New City Kids, put on a performance celebrating black history and culture. The performance took place on Feb. 27 at the PS #22 school, and it incorporated a number of acts in different varieties.

Performances that the children put on included an African dance, tap dancing, Team Walker steppers, singing, dancing, a number of assorted plays and skits.

The performances were a way for the children to express gratitude to those from the past and present of African culture via singing and dancing. All of the students, faculty, and parents who attended had a wonderful time!


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And, who could forget about Mrs. Ray’s Walk for Love to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

We here at Team Walker thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Black History Month, and we hope you did, too!