STEAM galore for St. Patrick’s Day at Team Walker

Students in Team Walker’s After School Program celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a little early on Friday, March 15, in a STEAM-packed day of festivities. Read more about Team Walker’s St. Patrick’s celebration below.

Although St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Sunday this year, it did not stop Team Walker’s students from celebrating the day. People from all over the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to honor the first patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Many of Team Walker’s teachers prepared fun, crafty activities for their students. Some students in Mrs. Libran’s first-grade class made cloverleaf (also known as shamrocks) hats in honor of the holiday.

Students in Mrs. Ray’s fourth-grade class and Mrs. DeSousa’s third-grade class went all-out for St. Patrick’s Day; it was STEAM galore in their classrooms! Fun fact: the A in STEAM incorporates the arts into 21st-century learning! Incorporating the arts into her St. Patrick’s lesson, Mrs. Ray instructed her students to create, cut-out and color various, large shamrocks. Within these shamrocks, students incorporated fractions to supplement what they learned in their day-time classrooms. The final product, Shamrock Fractions, was a hybrid of arts and mathematics that culminated in a huge and colorful hit!

Furthermore, students also made something mostly every kid loves now-a-days — slime! Students followed a detailed recipe involving glue, contact solution, laundry detergent and food coloring. Green was the featured color in recognition of St. Patrick’s Day. Mrs. Ray and Ms. Draughn demonstrated how to mix the solution and provided assistance to their students as needed.

Overall, our students had a fun-packed day of science, arts and math activities in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!