Student Spotlight: Nicholas Singh, 3rd Grade

This week in the Student Spotlight is Nicholas Singh! Nicholas is nine years old, an Aquarius and a third grader in Team Walker’s After School Program. Read more about Nicholas’s spotlight below!

Nicholas’s favorite color is blue, and he loves to eat rice. In his spare time, Nicholas likes to play video games, create things on his phone and watch Ghost Adventures on television with his aunt.

In school, Nicholas loves to write, and needless to say, his favorite subject in school is writing. Writing is something fun for him to do during the day. Nicholas specifically likes to write about various topics on paper and then transfer these writings to the computer, where he hopes to gain experience in typing and “not to type with one hand anymore and learn to type with both hands like grownups do.” Nicholas also likes to have his work and writing displayed for all people to see in school—he is very proud of his work.

Nicholas attends Team Walker’s After School Program every day of the week in Mrs. DeSousa’s class. He enjoys the many activities, STEM projects, homework help and, his most favorite thing, partnering with his fellow classmates and other organizations like New City Kids for projects, activities and performances. Nicholas loves going home every day without any homework left to do so he can “kick back and relax and enjoy his night.” He specifically loves that his teachers, Mrs. DeSousa, Ms. Fowler and Ms. Hiroshi, help him with his homework and provide fun activities, such as gym and watching movies during free time, in the Program.

Team Walker has helped Nicholas in school, specifically with increasing his math grade. He also credits the After School Program with “helping him finish his homework quickly and getting good grades.” When Nicholas grows up, his goal is to be a scientist, create something innovative and work with computers.