HCPO and B.L.E.S.C visit Team Walker for education lesson on gangs and violence

Throughout March and April, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) and Blacks in Law Enforcement Serving the Community (B.L.E.S.C) visited Team Walker’s After School Program to give educational lessons on gangs and violence.

For the presentation, Detective Rhudell Snelling (HCPO) came in and spoke to a number of the Team Walker children in an interactive yet serious conversation. Detective Snelling talked to the group about the various local gangs in Jersey City and the surrounding area, and how they can keep themselves aware of the groups. Detective Snelling stressed the dangers that come with joining these groups and erased some of the stigmas in the children’s heads about gang life.

Snelling kept the children engaged by consistently asking questions about their knowledge of gangs in an effort to dispel any rumors or notions that they may have. On the PowerPoint, he also showed a variety of symbols and details associated with gangs to better educate on how to spot them.

Earlier in March, B.L.E.S.C came to the Team Walker Learning Center to present on gangs and violence, too. B.L.E.S.C’s presentation focused more on prevention and taught students of gang recruitment methods, how to avoid them and resources to use to be safe.

Ultimately, everyone walked out of the rooms with a better knowledge of potential violence in the community, as well as a greater understanding of the criminal justice system. Thank you, HCPO, B.L.E.S.C and Detective Snelling; we cannot wait to have you back!


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