Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Nocetti

This week’s Teacher Spotlight for Team Walker is Mrs. Rosa Nocetti!

Mrs. Nocetti began working at Team Walker in 2005 and currently serves as the Staffing Coordinator and Head Teacher at the After School Program. Mrs. Nocetti has been living in New Jersey since 1969 after coming from Cuba, and her love for Team Walker is truly unmatched!

In Jersey City, Mrs. Nocetti teaches at the P.S. #22 school. She has been teaching first grade for 13 years, although she has been teaching overall for 15 years. Her favorite subject to teach is Language Arts.

“That’s how teachers expose children to new info,” Mrs. Nocetti said. “This opens a whole new world for them to express themselves through, for example, writing.”

In her free time, Mrs. Nocetti mainly enjoys playing the piano and singing.

Thank you Mrs. Nocetti for all of your hard work at Team Walker. We and the children love you!