America’s Grow-a-Row educates children about flowers and roots

America’s Grow-a-Row once again returned to Team Walker for some healthy eating lessons with the children! The group came to the After School Program on March 12 and April 11 in order to better educate our youth about the benefits of healthy eating and safe cooking practices.

For one healthy eating lesson, America’s Grow-a-Row taught about flowers. The children learned about one of the ecosystem’s backbones, as well as cooked with a variety of other ingredients, including rice, carrots, and broccoli. Grow-a-Row and Team Walker’s students concocted veggie salads using the roots of plants and veggie fried rice.


The goal of the presentation was to show how simple and easy it can be to grow and cook with your own food! A healthy diet is key to being successful in many areas of life, and we cannot thank America’s Grow-a-Row enough once again for coming in.

The children were even able to take home some ingredients from the day so that they could show families and friends their newfound skills and knowledge!

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