Georgina Rayo: Dedicated, Determined, Disciplined

Embodying the three D’s: dedication, determination and discipline, throughout her life, former Team Walker student, Jersey City native, and New Jersey City University graduate Georgina Rayo will attend graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University where she will pursue a Master of Sports Leadership degree.

Read more below and check out Georgina’s Reflection of Team Walker here!

Team Walker strives to improve the quality of life for the children in Jersey City through its academic and recreation programs. Our mission is our kids; our kids are our future. Every year, we welcome our kids into our After School and Summer STEAM Programs with open arms, help them learn and grow, and, though bittersweet, watch them graduate and succeed in life, all while following the three D’s: dedication, determination, and discipline.

When Georgina was nine years old, she began attending our After School Program, where she became a member of our team–our family. From 2008 to 2011, Georgina spent her afternoons learning in our classrooms, bolstering her math and language arts in tutoring sessions, and enjoying and staying active at dance practice.

Reflecting on her favorite memory at Team Walker, Georgina recalls one Opening Day many years ago where she danced and performed with the Team Walker Drill Team. “Being a part of this team and this community event opened my eyes, seeing what Jerry does for the community with Opening Day,” said Georgina. “Jerry and Team Walker are my inspiration to give back to my community.”

Most notably, Georgina learned that although the three D’s are taught at a young age, they still matter to adults, too, as they are a way for kids to reach for their goals as they grow up. The three D’s can help shape a positive mindset to have to reach for one’s goals. “Fast forward thirteen years, the three D’s have been the reason for my success thus far,” said Georgina. “It was also with Team Walker that I learned the qualities of a leader, but also later became one.”

Georgina embodies the three D’s, and she is more than prepared to work hard and have a positive mindset to achieve her goal of helping her community with a master’s degree in sports leadership. All Team Walker students can and will succeed in life because of the three D’s: dedication, determination, and discipline.

We at Team Walker are so incredibly proud of Georgina and wish her continued success. Keep up the phenomenal work, Georgina!

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