Stuffed peppers with Team Walker and America’s Grow-a-Row

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, America’s Grow-a-Row partnered with Team Walker to present a lesson on preparing a healthy meal using fresh ingredients featuring the color red. 

Assisted by staff and other members of the program, children from the After-School Program cooked and enjoyed a hearty meal for the evening. Using safety knives and cutting boards, volunteers from America’s Grow-a-Row helped elementary and middle school students with preparing stuffed red peppers. While the children prepared fruits and vegetables such as peppers, baby carrots, tomatoes, and onions, the adults cooked the rice and seasoned beans ingredients in a skillet.

During the lesson, America’s Grow-a-Row explained the parts of a plant and the difference between a fruit and a vegetable.  After the meal, Team Walker children assisted in cleaning up by washing and drying the supplies and sweeping the floor. Take-home bags were provided for children to bring home the ingredients to cook the same recipe at home!

Each Team Walker participant received a Grow-a-Row passport to keep track of all the food items they will work with and make this semester, as well as clean up and set up duties. A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen!

Many thanks to America’s Grow-A-Row for a successful evening and we are excited for our next healthy eating lessons in March.

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