Team Walker fourth graders celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 20, Ms. Draughn and Mr. Morin’s fourth-grade students marched around the school.

They took the day as an opportunity to educate students in the After School Program on the significance of the day and Dr. King’s efforts to improve society.

Ms. Draughn and Mr. Morin worked with students to create posters and signs highlighting the values of Dr. King’s work. Once completed, the students walked around the school with their posters and signs in remembrance of Dr. King and the outcomes of his peaceful protesting. The “Walk for Love” provided students with an engaging activity to understand his mission and its relevance in the United States.

Special thanks to Ms. Draughn and Mr. Morin for leading a day about peace, love and resilience!

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