Sweet potato salads with America’s Grow-a-Row

On Tuesday, February 11, America’s Grow-a-Row returned to Team Walker to provide a healthy eating lesson to the children in the After-School Program.

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With the help of America’s Grow-a-Row staff and Team Walker teachers, the children learned the importance of using fresh ingredients in assembling a healthy meal.

Volunteers from America’s Grow-a-Row assisted the children with using safety knives and boards to cut up lettuce, sweet potatoes, clementine and apples. The ingredients were mixed together with olive oil, cranberries, and honey to make a delicious Sweet Potato Salad.

During the lesson, America’s Grow-a-Row explained the various types of ingredients at hand and the benefits of eating them. After the meal, the children helped clean up by sweeping the floor and washing the supplies.

Many thanks to America’s Grow-a-Row for another successful evening and we are excited for our next healthy eating lesson in March.