Spaghetti squash with America’s Grow-a-Row

On Tuesday, March 10, America’s Grow-a-Row returned once again to Team Walker’s After School Program to educate the students on healthy eating!

This lesson’s color was yellow and featured squash as the main ingredient! Using safety knives and tools, along with the help of Team Walker staff and volunteers from America’s Grow-a-Row, the children used olive oil, black pepper, and salt to prepare a delicious spaghetti squash.

During the lesson, America’s Grow-a-Row explained the ingredients at hand and the benefits of them to the fourth grade students. Students were also provided with the ingredients to make the same recipe again at home to share with their families.

Overall, it was a success as usual and we cannot thank America’s Grow-a-Row enough! We are looking forward to partnering with the America’s Grow-a-Row team again in our next healthy eating lesson.

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