COVID-19 Relief

Team Walker COVID19 Graphic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected us all. During these difficult times, Team Walker is taking action to help our community and those in need.

Over the past few weeks, Team Walker launched its virtual After School Program to continue providing essential educational and life skills to its students. Team Walker’s CEO, Jerry Walker, and other team members have been distributing food and essential items to the community and families of the students in its After School Program, following all safety and social distancing guidelines. Team Walker has even hand-delivered bags of food and essential items to its local Jersey City seniors who are unable to leave their homes to get essential items or face the long lines at the supermarkets.

Team Walker has launched a COVID-19 Relief GoFundMe Page. With your help, we can continue our positive impact in response to COVID-19 by:

  • Distributing food and essential items to our community in need
  • Creating a safe environment in our Learning Center
  • Providing face masks to our students and their families
  • Installing hand sanitizing stations throughout our Learning Center
  • Adding education programs to teach our kids and their families about the importance of good hygiene and eliminating the spread of germs
  • Maintaining our Learning Center and stay current on our financial obligations

Please consider joining our list of “Team Walker Heroes,” those who are helping us make a difference in Jersey City. Help us continue our impact and emerge through thing stronger together by donating on our COVID-19 Relief GoFundMe Page today.


Check out how we’ve been making a difference:

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